Messika White Gold Diamond Bracelet Move Uno Pave Flex Bangle


Move Uno



Brand: Messika

This Move Uno Flex diamond bangle made of white gold will adjust perfectly to your wrist. Discreet and elegant, this gold bangle is adorned on the top with the Maison’s signature Move Uno pavé motif featuring a diamond that moves delicately with your every movement. This luxury jewelry piece can be worn on any occasion, on its own to highlight its delicate elegance, or layered with other Messika bracelets for a more bohemian rock chic effect. The white gold matches the precious gemstones beautifully and further enhances the feeling of a diamond in motion. Its added bonus? A clever clasp hidden under the Move motif that is easy to handle.


  • Gold: White gold
  • Stones: Diamonds
  • Motif length: 1.4 cm
  • Motif width: 0.5 cm


    • Weight (total): 0.18ct
    • Clarity: VS
    • Colour: G
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