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Order a specific size

Can’t find the right size of your piece? Our team can pre-order your item through our official retailing channels of our available brands.

Pre-order a brand piece

We are the official retailers of all of our brands. Feel free to explore each brand and let us know of any items you wish to purchase which are currently missing or not available via our store. Once you decide, simply take a note of the reference number and we can easily order & deliver your item to your door.


Absolutely! Our experience team will pre-order your favorite piece through our official retailing channels.

Yes you can. In any case, most of our jewelries are able to resize. In case the specific design you are interested does not allow us to resize it, we will happily order a brand new item with your matched size.

Unfortunately this depends entirely on the brand itself and whether your item is available or needs to be produced. Usually, a casual pre-order takes about 1-2 months.

All pre-orders require a 50% upfront deposit. This is to ensure the validity of your order and an incentive for you to pick up your item on the date it delivers.

Easier than it seems.

Our experienced team and online support department are ready to process your order and assist you in any case.

Request Custom Orders

This is a simple request form. By completing this request form you are NOT obliged to any payments or commitments. Upon completion, a sales person will contact you to verify your request, inform you about your wished product and make the official order. For any questions please feel free to contact us by phone before completing this form.

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