Messika Pink Gold Diamond Ring Glam’ Azone Double Pave


Glam’ Azone Double Pave



Brand: Messika

Are you looking for a unique diamond jewel for women? Discover the pink gold double pavé diamond ring Glam’Azone. Mesmerizing! The Glam’Azone pink gold pavé diamond rings play with the contrasts. An openwork structure in 18 carat pink gold for an aerial luxury jewel for women. An oval cut central diamond enhanced by a diamond set entourage. In this double pavé version, the Glam’Azone pink gold ring includes two rings: one to wear on the usual part of the finger and the other on top of the second phalange. A sensual and elegant diamond jewel that dresses the finger up in line with those so trendy neo-jewels. Thanks to its smart detachable chain system, multiple ways of wearing can be dared: on the forefinger, on the annular, on the middle finger… Pink gold rings are definitely trendy. Its originality, softness and poetry make pink gold a success. It is often the best trade-off between a jewel in yellow gold and a white gold jewel. The two rings can be worn together or separately. A diamond jewel, likewise the today’s woman, free, with multi-aspects.


  • Width of the ring: 14mm
  • Width of the knuckle ring: 11,5mm


  • Central (total): 0.10ct
  • Weight (total): 0.15ct
  • Clarity: VS
  • Colour: F
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