Pasquale Bruni Petit Joli Rose Gold Bracelet with Carnelian & Diamonds

Pasquale Bruni

Petit Joli



Brands: Pasquale Bruni

Petit Joli Bracelet in 18k Rose Gold with Carnelian, White and Champagne Diamonds.

Petit Joli is a floral dream on your skin. The collection is designed for women always blooming in a free soul. This collection embodies the everlasting connection between nature and women. Flowers that take on the colours of the sky, space and earth. Colours with a bold, yet delicate personality.

Carnelian expresses love for the Earth, with intensity and gratitude. Stone of life, of the vital energy able to generate courage and essential balance in daily life.


  • Gold: Rose gold 18kt
  • Stones: Carnelian and diamonds


  • White diamonds: 1 stones, 0.01 ct.
  • Champagne diamonds: 2 stones, 0.03 ct.


  • Flower size 12 mm
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